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Thielsen Gallery - Current ExhibitionSince 1950, Thielsen Gallery has represented Canadian paintings sculpture and graphics with a strong interest in the Painters Eleven group.The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada. Our feature artists include:

Eric Atkinson, Ed Bartram, Darrell Bell, Ron Benner, Ross Bishop, Ron Bloore, David Bolduc, Jack Bush, Oscar Cahén, Alex Cameron, Frank Caprani, Paul Chester, Greg Curnoe, Duncan de Kergommeaux, Doug Dolman, Sorel Etrog, Marcelle Ferron, Pierre Gendron, Lise Gervais, Hortense Gordon, Jamelie Hassan, Tom Hodgson, Joseph Hubbard, Gershon Iskowitz, Antje Laidler, Patrick Landsley, John Lennard, Johnnenne Maddison, Ron Martin, Arnold McBay, Ray Mead, Janet Middleton, Ron Milton, Doug Mitchell, Rory O'Kelly, Gerald Pedros, William Ronald, Val Sloggett, Gord Smith, Allen Smutylo, Alice Teichert, Harold Town, Aidan Urquhart, Tony Urquhart, Jeff Willmore, Laura Woermke, Deborah Worsfold. Also Various Acquisitions of Contemporary and Historical Canadian works.

Located on Adelaide Street North, Thielsen Gallery is a must see for every visitor as well as London area resident. We welcome you to peruse our online gallery and drop us a line if you are interested in visiting the gallery!


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