Greg Curnoe Print Biography

Greg Curnoe was born in London, Ontario in 1936, where he played a significant role in its cultural life as an artist, writer and musician (playing kazoo in the Nihilist Spasm Band) until his untimely death in a fatal bike accident in 1992.  He attended Beal Technical School (1954-56) and the Doon School of Art (1956) before attending the Ontario College of Art (1957-60), where he failed his final year.  Yet this did not dissuade him in his efforts to merge art and life, and he went on to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale in 1976 and to be the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1981, which subsequently toured across Canada.  One can see the influence of Abstract Expressionism, jazz and Pop Art in his work, yet his vision always remained firmly rooted in the regional and often reveals his interest in precise language.