Val Sloggett Print Biography
Abstract Painter

Born in Peterborough and graduated from Fanshawe College in Illustration design, through the Graphic Arts Program.   Working within the commercial art field for many years has greatly influenced my painting style, Switching back and forth with constructive and non-constructive elements provides quite a mental challenge.
Books on early mid century abstract artists (Canadian and American, ie: Hans Hofmann) help greatly to keep me in touch with my goals.

Some of what is central to my painting method:
- Mastering brush/pallet paint application is my driving ambition.
- Paint density, removing, sometimes wet scraping and re-applying paint give the
  finished  look I strive to  achieve.   
- Colour choices are somewhat easy for me. I don’t use too many tones.
- The form sometimes takes shape early, but usually I have to work hard to find it
   mid point.
- The finished product must be both polished and rough.

My paintings are true to my character. 

Paintings represented in London, Toronto and Montreal.