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Joseph Hubbard - Sculpture

April 9 to May 7, 2005
  Opens Saturday April 9, 11:00 a.m.
Sculptures Featured in this Exhibit:  (View Artist Biography)

Joseph Hubbard
"Deconstruction; Canadian Clock"
plexiglass,wood, 59H x 47W x 6D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"Easy Little Prophesy"
hydrocal, resin14H x 31W x 18D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"Genetic Modification"
fibreglass / polymer resin, wood, brass, 18H x 55W x 14D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"Little Voice of Reason"
brass, taxidermy, 30H x 34W x 14D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"Lugubrious Clock"
antique instrument case; trumpets, brass, clock mechanisms 135H x 72W x 18D cm

Joseph Hubbard
cast bronze, ceramic, 24K gold leafed & 24K gold plating46H x 40W x 19D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"St. Sebastian Clock"
violin case,feathers,wood, arrows 84H x 68W x 33D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"The Weight of My Words; Your Words"
joined ceramic plates, acrylic resin 33H x 20W x 5.5D cm

Joseph Hubbard
"Their Words"
fibreglass "eggshell", Forton resin, cast children's hands, 21H x 31W x 16D cm

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